Amazingly, the part of the brain that processes movement is the same part of the brain that processes learning.


The Movement Across the Curriculum: 60 Minutes a Day blog is a  collection of movement activities that specifically provide physical practice and reinforcement of preschool through eighth grade standards, cognitive concepts, and or developmental concepts.  In addition, as a result of participating in the movement activities the children will accumulate a percentage of the 60 minutes of organized movement recommended by NASPE for all school aged children 3 years and up. Teachers and parents alike are welcome to check out the activities, Brain Facts and information that can be found on the blog regarding; The Brain, Moving the Body and Learning. Follow the blog to get updates with the new activities and ideas.

All the activities have been done successfully with the age groups indicated.   If you try  an activity and have a comment, please feel free to let us know what went right and what you differentiated for your students or environment. By all means let me know if something needs to be improved on!

If you create an activity  that you have had success with in your classroom, please feel free to post it.  I do  reserve the right to edit the activities for safety or philosophy.