This is a fun game that practices moving to and from the boundaries, while practicing cleaning up; with little fun messing up in between!  During the game you can also introduce Sorting; putting the garbage away according to color or type.

Begin with the yarn balls or bean bags, or both, spread out around inside the boundaries.  the game begins with everyone picking up the “garbage”, one at a time, and putting it on a vinyl spot.  The intention is to practice moving to the boundaries, and not beyond them.  this also helps the children identify and become familiar with where the boundaries are.

Once the area is clean, ask the children to mess up the space by putting the garbage back into the space.  If you are using bean bags, it’s good to work on putting the bean bag or yarn ball inside the boundaries “safely”.  Making sure to put it where no person is.  If you say, “don’t throw it”, you are creating your own reality, which is what I did in the video and you can see that they definitely throw the stuff.  Talking privately with the children who are not being safe, ie: throwing the stuff, will work better to curb throwing.  If necessary, ask the child who insists on throwing to sit out by a cone and watch for one turn.  While they are sitting out, be sure to talk with them, asking if they are willing to play the game safely?  If they agree, get them back into the activity as quickly as possible.

The video is a short clip of me explaining the game and the children playing.

The video is intentionally blurred to mask the features of the children.