Dice Fitness
Dice Fitness

3rd Grade California Math Standard: Understand properties of multiplication and the relationship between multiplication and division.

Times tables: Differentiate the math task based on what the class is studying.

You can use stopwatches or pedometers to determine the length of the activity.

  • Six or twelve fitness stations spread out evenly around the perimeter of the game space.  Cones with the station number visible, and the activity to be done clearly posted will be the workout stations.
  • Hoops for the teams home base will be spread out inside the boundaries.  These hoops will contain the dice if you are using small dice, and will also serve as home base between workouts.  Each time they roll the dice, the team will calculate the math problem at the hoop, (take turns), and then go to the station to do the activity.
  • Use pedometers and do the number of steps that the two die equal when they are multiplied, or stop watches to calculate the number of seconds to do a cardiovascular activity.
  • Do repetitions equal to the answer when you are using strength activities.
  • In this example we use 6 stations and are focusing on Multiplication tables; the six sided dice tells you the station, the 12 sided dice will be multiplied by 7 to practice the 7 times tables.