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Nebraska Social Studies Standards – 2nd thru 4th Grade:

4.1.12 By the end of fourth grade, students will identify the geographic and human characteristics of the regions of the United States and Nebraska. Example indicator:                                                                                                                                                                                                       • Identify capital cities and major cities.

These can be answers from homework assignments from the classroom teacher, review questions to prepare for a test.  This type of information can be found out through collaborations with the classroom teachers.

Station information can be differentiated based on what the class is focused on at the time in social studies and in physical education.

States and Capitals Golf

In this version of the game we play like Frisbee golf, except we don’t use a Frisbee!  Instead, We’re going to play underhand throw golf with bean bags!  We can use this activity to practice accurate throwing or  practice underhand pitching.  The students will also be practicing basic math addition and subtraction too!

The students can set up their own course.  Begin the lesson with the cones and vinyl spots around the perimeter of the class.  Pre-set the cones with the state station cards and course number.  Each student will get a bean bag and go to a cone and spot that matches their bean bag.  Ask your students to take their cone to an own space anywhere inside the playing field, and place their vinyl spot approximately three giant steps away from the cone.

The game begins with each student at the poly spot by their cone, the first Toss underhand will be to the next cone (in number order). Each student will finish their round at the spot, cone they brought out to the course. The game continues while the students keep tossing, from wherever the bean bag lands, Keeping track of how many throws it takes to get the bean bag to touch the cone.  If you knock the cone over you must score a penalty stroke (add one point to your score for that hole) When you get the bean bag to touch the cone, look at the state behind the number.  Write the capital of that state next to the hole number along with your score for that hole.  At the end of the round, add your total score, check your answers and take the total number of capitals you got correct, and subtract that from your score.  The lower your score the better!

The first couple times we play, especially with new states, I let the students self monitor.  Its an honor system. As they finish the hole, after the write the Capital down, they can look at the answer to check to see if they were correct.

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